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How to Get Good Dissertation Templates: 5 Helpful Tips

Writing your dissertation is one of the most challenging academic endeavors you will ever have to take. It will take months to complete, be the reason behind lost sleep and might induce more than a few headaches. As you near the end of writing your dissertation you will want to make sure you’ve covered all of your basics – one of these being sure that you have a good template to use for submittal. Here are five helpful tips to getting good dissertation templates you can use for free:

Tip #1: Check with your department

Some departments will require you to use a specific format when submitting your dissertation, so it stands to reason that you should check with them first. Be sure the template you use is formatted to work using your word processing program. Too often students download the wrong format and are forced to scramble in the last days trying to find the right one.

Tip #2: Ask your advisor for available templates

If your department doesn’t have a standard template then you should check next with your advisor to see if there is a certain style he or she prefers. This won’t be as much of a requirement as something you would get from your department, but it’s a great idea to do whatever it takes to please your advisor. Sometimes even the simple task of presenting your work in a way that he or she prefers is enough to win you favor in your defense.

Tip #3: Download from your school’s main website

Your institution is bound to have a dissertation template posted on its main site. Often times this is a generic template that works well across several disciplines. If you pay attention to the details of this template you may notice that it’s similar to the standard templates available at other schools. This is because in lieu of a strict departmental one, a universal template makes it easier for different institutions to add them to their own databases.

Tip #4: Search online for a universal template

Universal templates can also be found by conducting a simple keyword search online. These templates will be almost identical to the standard ones you would download from a school’s main website, save your school’s seal, logo, and address information. Instead these universal templates will simply have space for you to enter your school’s information on the cover page.

Tip #5: Copy from a writing guide

The last place to find a good dissertation template is in a writing or citation guide. Be sure you own a citation guide that is used in your discipline, because failing to do so may mean you end up using a template that won’t be accepted by your department at all. So be absolutely certain you have picked up the right guide before you start applying your work to the template.

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