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I Need To Check Myself Using A Good Dissertation Example

When you are tasked with writing a dissertation, you can certainly benefit from looking over multiple sample dissertations prior to diving in to the bulk of your writing, but it is not necessary.

Many students wonder if they need to check their work using a good dissertation example. While it is certainly not a requirement, checking your work by comparing the format, style, tone, citations, etc… to another sample can be quite beneficial.

Dissertations are papers unlike any other you have written in the past. They are not only a unique experiment, but they one which you must do entirely on your own. This is one of the few times when you will be working individually without directional assistance or someone looking over your shoulder. In addition to working alone on a project you have never done before and are therefore unfamiliar with, the overall importance and weight of the final piece is much higher than anything you have written before. While a failed term paper can result in a failed grade for one class, which you then have the opportunity to make up at a later date, a failed dissertation does not simply fail you from a class, but from achieving your final degree.

With that much importance on the shoulders of the dissertation, it is truly worth it for you to invest in looking at as many samples as you can and comparing them to your work.

  • You can review samples before you start your research, looking for sources that might be useful for your topic.
  • You can review samples as you start your writing, looking for the best way to craft your argument.
  • You can review samples while you write in search of the best way to organize your thoughts or present your evidence.
  • You can review samples as you are nearly finished with each chapter to compare the citations you used to the citations used in the example.

One of the best places to ascertain a sample is from your advisor or your department. Reviewing a sample dissertation that your review committee has already reviewed and approved will ensure that as you compare, you are comparing to something that will keep you on the right track and will ensure acceptance by your advisor and review committee. Look at your school library and see if you can find previously published pieces.

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