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What Is The Most Important Part Of The Academic Dissertation?

The most important part of a dissertation may vary depending on who you ask. Some feel your supporting evidence to your claim carries high significance, while others feel how you structure your findings and present your main idea. Editing and proofreading are also important elements as they help your project be presentable to readers. Because viewpoints vary you may be tempted to place your focus on one aspect of the dissertation over another.

In general, the dissertation itself is important since it helps you get your degree. You want to complete it to the best of your ability based on guidelines presented so you can achieve the highest grade possible. The following points provide brief insight on what others think is the most important part of an academic dissertation.

Following Guidelines for the Assignment

Your guidelines help you form your project from start to finish. Some students overlook certain elements that cause them to lose points upon submission. Each school has their own guidelines for students to follow and they may vary depending on field of study. Even though you have instructions to help you complete your work, you are also being evaluated on how well you follow directions.

Ability to Efficiently Proof Your Claim or Argument

Your thesis or hypothesis should be a strong statement you can prove. This means your research will depend on how well you can explain related points behind it. You should show your unique understanding of the topic and knowledge to back it up. This means you need to know reputable sources to use with research and who in the field you should talk to and get additional information.

References, Citations, and Paraphrasing

When you are required to cite sources and mention where your information came from, there are certain procedures you are expected to follow. If you do not cite sources correctly, this can be considered plagiarism. You need to review formatting guidelines for your project and double check with your instructor or formatting professional to ensure citations are correct. You also want to avoid copying content word for word and use your own words.

Showing How Your Work Relates to Previous Research

There are often questions you need to answer regarding your topic and how your research fits in. At some point you need to should how your work contributes to the subject matter while being different from what has been achieved in the past.

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