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Finding Qualified Dissertation Writers Online

Yes, it is possible to find a qualified dissertation write online. We will go over the ways to find one and then we will talk about the ethics of the issue.

  1. Professional Writing Services

    There are many professional writing services online. They write things like essays, thesis papers, research papers, book reports and even dissertations. These services will generally have some pre-written items that they will sell. If you need them to write one then the cost will normally be higher than that of one which is already written. When you buy these papers you have no idea of what kind of grade you will get, if the paper has been thoroughly researched or if there is any plagiarism in the paper.

  2. Freelancers

    You can also go to one of the freelance writer web sites and post your paper as a job opportunity. Writers who are interested will place bids for trying to get the job. You choose one and hire them to get it done. When doing it this way try to stay away from the ultra-low bids. These are generally posted by people who are in other countries and do not have a good grasp on the English language and their work will quickly prove that.

    As with the professional writing services, by doing it this way you have no idea of the content and quality of the paper and you will not know if there is any plagiarism. Both of these options are risky as well as ethically questionable.

  3. Ethical and Plagiarism Issues

    Anytime you pay someone else to do your work for you it is unethical. Beyond that it is cheating and lying. The cheating part should be self-explanatory but some of you may have trouble understanding the lying part. To take credit for work someone else did is lying about the authenticity and author of the paper.

    Also, you may have noticed plagiarism mentioned a few times in the preceding paragraphs. If all of the resources used in the researching of the article and the sources are not cited properly then you may be accused of plagiarism. If that happens then you will be in a world of hurt. You will automatically get a failing grade on the paper and more than likely will fail the whole class. You may be expelled from school and since plagiarism is a criminal offense you could be charged.

    Do your own work and save yourself the trouble.

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