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Dissertation Proposal Writing Tips And Secrets

Every graduate student is fully aware that in order to finish their course work they would be expected to write an academic dissertation as part of the curriculum. However due to a number of reasons many students find this task to be challenging or even insurmountable. This might be because it is the first time that they are to write such a document. However the student can find writing a dissertation manageable by using the following tips and secrets.

  • Pick a topic that you are excited and interested in
  • One major reason as to why students find it difficult to write their dissertation paper is that they select a topic that actually does not ignite their interest. This makes them to really struggle to write the paper. The ideal thing for a student to do is select a topic that they would love and want to write and research about. When passionate about something, it is impossible to lack words to express them.

  • Simplify the argument
  • In an attempt to impress the examiner, students are often tempted to use stylish language that has a lot of interesting points. In the process however, the student might be so much engrossed in the language of the paper that he or she might digress from their main objective. In as much as the wordings and language should be interesting and fun to read, the student should ensure that the proposal easily describes the methodology and objective of the dissertation.

  • Be organized
  • When writing a dissertation proposal everything should be well thought out and structured. Everything here refers to the proposed argument, the methodology and the initial outline of the dissertation paper. The proposal ought to be orderly, clean and easy to understand. This is because the aim of the proposal as the name implies is a suggestion of what the paper is about and what student intends to establish.

  • Do not be long winded in the proposal
  • Most students fall into the trap of using the proposal to actually prove the objectives of the paper. In the process they end up detailing too much in the proposal. The dissertation proposal is simply a provisional plan of the actual paper and not the paper itself. So it should be concise and not too wordy. It should point out the topic, the objective and the methodology.

  • Consult with the professor
  • Students often fall into the trap of thinking that this is a one man or woman show and in the process they suffer alone. However, a student should form the habit of talking to the professor about the paper, so that the professor can give advice on how and what to write about.

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