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A Short Guide to Dissertation Writing Process

While writing a dissertation may seem like a long and drawn out process, it is more than accomplishable. If you have the right academic and management skills, and take the time and effort, researching and writing a dissertation should be no big deal. Even though dissertations are longer than essays, sometimes more than twenty thousand words (gulp) if you discipline yourself to write, you will succeed.

  • First of all, it’s key to understand what a dissertation really is (and what it isn’t). A dissertation is a long essay on any subject where you need to prove that you can produce and organize original research to support the main idea, or hypothesis, of your paper. A dissertation is not an obstacle in your life. If anything, writing a successful dissertation will show the world that you are ready for the career you’ve been working so hard for your entire life. It shows that you have demonstrated the necessary knowledge of the topic and the research required for it.
  • Have a suitable work environment. Whether you prefer to work somewhere alone and secluded, in the library, down at the park, in a coffee shop, wherever suits you best is where you should work. Discipline yourself with realistic deadlines, but don’t overwork yourself. Remember to eat healthy, to get plenty of sleep, and to continue to enjoy the small things in life.
  • Stay on topic. Making sure that you stay on topic is critical so that you don’t go off topic and stay clear and concise. Remember that you’re not the only one who will be paying attention to your dissertation. Your instructor, colleagues, friends, family and anyone else reading or in the audience are going to be paying just as much attention to your dissertation as you are.
  • It’s always a good idea to have someone like a close friend or family member read what you have of your dissertation, so that you can edit while you write and speed up the process. So for example, if you complete the first five hundred words of your dissertation in a day, find someone who would be willing to give it a close read and give you advice. This way you can spend an hour or two each day editing the previous’ days work and fixing things you couldn’t have caught on your own. Having a little constructive critic.
  • Remember to research and check your sources carefully. Create a bibliography page and make sure your work is entirely original and not plagiarized.

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