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Dissertation Writing Guide: The Process Of Topic Selection

In any writing assignment, choosing the topic can be stressful. If you think that choosing a topic for an essay is challenging, imagine how difficult it is to choose a topic for a dissertation. This one paper will be the determining factor regarding whether or not you earn your master’s degree or your doctorate degree, so choosing the topic is extremely important. You will be living with this topic for weeks, months, or possible even a year or more, which means you will want to choose a topic that you enjoy and want to research.

Start by Searching Smartly

While deciding on a topic can be difficult, looking for a topic does not have to be. There are plenty of places to search for topics. It might be obvious, but the Internet is full of topic ideas. If you have never looked for topic online, then it is time to start looking at what is available. A search for dissertation topics is just the beginning. You should be able to find something that will stir your interest.

Customize to Meet Your Interest

Once you find a dissertation topic from your original search, you will need to customize. Dissertation topics found online are ones that someone else has created and there are most likely several papers already written on those topics. In order to make your topic uniquely yours, you will want to do some brainstorming. At this point, you will want to make a list of everything that you can do with the topic that will make it something you want to investigate further. Do not cross off anything from your list at this point, because you never know what you might need to look into later.

Narrow the List and Conduct Preliminary Research

After you have your list and you do not think you can add anything else to it, you can begin narrowing your list down to something manageable. Start by crossing off everything that looks tired to you. Once you have a few ideas left, you can do some quick preliminary research on your databases or simply on you favorite search engines to see what information is actually available. If your college has a dissertation database, you should also look to see if your potential topic has already been overly researched. Hopefully, you will find that your topic is perfect so you can begin writing the paper of your life!

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