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Where Can I Get A Free Dissertation Template: 5 Vital Tips

Dissertations are judged not only on the quality of writing and research but on accurate layout as well. The use of a great template is essential for the success of your paper.

  1. Explore your university library.
  2. The first place to search for free and reliable templates is your university database. Check the library catalogue and the writing center. If there are several samples, choose the one that is most relevant to your faculty. If you are still confused, ask the library staff to help – they are trained to provide qualified assistance, and they should know which template is best to use in your case.

  3. Ask your advisor.
  4. With any dissertation problems, you should first contact your advisor. Finding a proper template is not an exception. Ask whether he or she can recommend a place where you can get good examples for free. It might be a credible website or a seldom-visited section of your university library.

  5. Look online.
  6. The Internet has lots of free samples, including dissertation templates. Remember that the quality of these examples can vary considerably. Whenever you discover a template, look who the author is. Search for the author’s name in Google to discover other academic works written by this person, or any other evidence of the author’s competence. You might find out that the supposed author has never defended a dissertation on this subject; his or her name was just used to create an illusion of credibility. Fortunately, most of the templates offered online are genuine and uploaded by their true authors with the intention to help aspiring graduate students, but you should not completely ignore the probability of fraudulent activities. If you employ a bit of online research, you can avoid lots of trouble.

  7. Borrow a couple of guidebooks.
  8. Your university library should have at least a couple of books on dissertation writing. Explore them for template examples and formatting tips. You might even find a handbook on how to use a popular dissertation formatting program. Use this step-by-step guide to create a perfect layout for your paper via automatic means.

  9. Ask senior students.
  10. If you know someone who has recently graduated, ask them which template they used. It is possible that this person will agree to share with you the template for free as he or she does not need it any longer. Using a layout from a dissertation that a previous student submitted to your university will help you meet all the specific guidelines.

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