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PhD Defense: Clarity Is The Key To Success

When you are ready to share your thesis and get on to the next stage of your academic career, you will need to present your PhD defense. You will share your PhD with a committee that you have had some say in creating. Your adviser and a few other committee members will listen to you present your paper so they can see whether or not your idea will be useful in your topic of study.

Clear Writing and Speaking Keep the Revisions at Bay

As with every piece of writing, clarity is the key to success. When you present your paper to your committee, you will need to be clear in the way you present it and the way it is written. If your committee has too many questions, you will need to make adjustments to your paper. Your goal is to hopefully have every so clearly written and all questions answered so you do not have to worry about revisions that will back up your deadline.

Maintain the University’s Formatting and Schedule Requirements

In order to be very clear, be sure that you structure your thesis is the formatting style that your university requires. The committee members will check to see if you have been able to follow those instructions while also defending the topic you are studying. You should also be sure to have your defense scheduled in the proper order, so that you get your oral exam and other requirements completed first. If your committee requires other events, be sure those are finished, too.

Prove You Are Ready to Be an Expert

Clarity is important because you will be proving to the committee that you are a knowledgeable scholar who will be able to teach. Since most people with a PhD will eventually work in an academic setting or share knowledge in other areas, committees need to see that you are understandable. Teachers are ineffective if they are unable to clearly share what they know. In most cases, when someone is unable to clearly share their knowledge, then they do not have that knowledge in the first place. Since PhD candidates are technically considered experts in their fields, the committee that listens to the defense will be the last opportunity to determine whether or not you can be considered an expert before you are allowed to use your alma mater’s name in your future career.

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