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Prompts For Organizing Child Abuse Research Papers

When you are writing an essay about the vitally important and deeply sensitive topic of child abuse, sadly there is a vast array of topics or prompts you can use to create your essay. Here are five such prompts.

  • an on-going effect
  • criminal act and/or jail time
  • alcohol and drug dependence
  • depression and other forms of mental illness
  • failed relationships

One of the dreadful aspects of child abuse is that the impact it has on the life of the person who has been abused can certainly continue for many years if not the entire life of the victim. This is a point which can be discussed in detail with a great deal of supporting evidence in compiling an essay. There are countless cases of adults, even mature age adults, who have suffered the ill effects of the abuse they suffered as a child.

It is possible to investigate the background of many people who have spent time in jail having resorted to crime. In many cases, sadly, their life has gone off the rails due to the impact of child abuse. In fact it's possible for a quite young person to become involved in crime as a consequence of being abused as a child.

Drug and alcohol dependence is a common and linking factor between many adults who were abused as children. It's as if the terrible action against them has continued. They find it hard to blackout their memories of their abuse and in many cases resort to alcohol and drugs in order to remove their unhappiness.

Mental illness and depression in particular has received a great deal of publicity in recent decades. In many cases it has been discovered that adults who were abused as children find great difficulty in leading a normal and healthy life. Mental issues including depression are rife among people with a dysfunctional family background and particularly when the children have been abused.

Failed relationships and broken marriages are caused by a variety of factors. One common factor is that an adult who was abused as a child can find it difficult to settle down and be a normal and healthy person.

There are many topics or prompts which can be used in writing an essay about child abuse. The ones above are the basic and most common thoughts and ideas which are associated with this terribly sad situation.

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