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Good Writing Is Essential In A Dissertation

Think of the last time you picked up a book. Did you finish reading it? Did you put it down after a few pages and move on to something else? Did it take you months to get through it or did you devour its pages within hours?

Your answers to these questions are probably based on the quality of writing in whichever book you last read. If you plowed through the book and enjoyed every minute of it, then you probably enjoyed the author’s voice and style. A lot of people forget about this when they are writing academic work like a dissertation. Remember that even though your topic might be brilliant, your writing is really what needs to carry the reader through all of your ideas and research. If your dissertation is dry and boring it will be a lot more difficult for your readers to appreciate all of the hard work which you put into crafting and refining your thesis.

Why It Matters

Even though you might understand and appreciate your topic, this does not mean that all of your readers will share your opinion. If your readers are interested in your writing style and your voice it will help to ease any struggle which they might be having with your topic. Often times a dissertation will be about something very particular which you have a special interest in. Since you understand this topic better than anyone else, your writing will seem simple, engaging, and easy to read. It will not feel like this to everyone, though.

What You Can Do

  • Use chapters to break up reading
  • Organize your dissertation effectively
  • Use anecdotes whenever possible
  • Present your work with enthusiasm

The power of an anecdote which relates your research to a real life situation should not be underestimated. People appreciate it when you them something to grasp on to. Being able to relate to what we are reading is an important factor for everyone.

Additionally, organizing your dissertation in small chunks or chapters will aid your readers in navigating through all of you information. This will assist people in determining which parts of your dissertation are essential to your overall purpose. Of course, it may seem like every word is essential when you are reading it, but remember that not everyone knows your plan. Chapters make readers feel like their task will be easier to complete.

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