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Writing A Dissertation Abstract In International Business – A Quick Guide

Dissertation refers to any academic article or educational writings which are written for a particular university degree or a diploma certification. These are comparatively longer essays which describes the subject or topics on a broader spectrum, giving enough explanations and analysis. At any level of your college education you may have to present an academic write ups which must follow certain rules or guidelines. Compared to conventional essay writings, these academic articles must follow a unique, organized structure.

If you are asked to prepare a term paper on international business, the first step is to identify an appropriate topic. Hottest topics dealt with this section are global politics and business, emerging economies and the advancement of latest technologies in the business field. In certain cases, you will be provided with a specific topic assigned by the university or from the college. Here is the basic structure which has to be followed in order to develop an academic writing:

  1. Title page
  2. Abstract
  3. Acknowledgements
  4. Introduction
  5. Materials and method of data collection
  6. Analysis /Statistics/Results
  7. Conclusion
  8. References
  9. Appendices

Importance of abstract in a dissertation

An abstract reflects the whole summary of your academic work and also gives an overall evaluation of your topic including your conclusions. It gives a clear cut idea about your contents of research paper to the readers. Writing an abstract requires a sophisticated skill and it showcases what your article deals with. When you are assigned with an international business topic, your abstract must be concise and clear.

Here are some tips to build an effective abstract for your essay:

  • Abstract gives the first impression of your work to the readers and so it is necessary to make it the best.
  • Size and structure: generally an abstract is developed with 150 words to 350 words as far as academic papers are concerned.
  • Recent trends in the international business, e-business and its advantages ,relevant applications must be included as an introduction.
  • Facts indicating the purpose of your essay, examination or analysis details must be furnished briefly.
  • Indicate briefly about what was done on the academic article and how it was done and last but not the least, the findings of your research.
  • Presenting the results: while writing a term paper on international business, it is essential to highlight the conclusion or results briefly on the abstract section.

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