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Searching For A Quality Sample Dissertation In Human Resource Management

Dissertations come in all sizes and topics which is why writing one is so difficult. Yes, there are plenty of manuals and tutorials about writing these immense papers, but when it comes time to actually start writing, students say they prefer to use a sample as a template. When you shop around for a template, it is helpful to have one with a similar topic. You do not want to copy the actual sample paper, but when you have a sample with a similar topic you can clearly see how the writer organized the argument so you can follow suit or do it differently. If you are working on a dissertation in human resources management, here are some tips to help you find a quality sample:

  • Look at business school websites. Many colleges will keep their graduate-student writing projects in a database that their students can understand. This means that some college departments will have direct links to the best papers so their students do not have to waste time searching for an ideal sample to use. Your department should have tutorials and other resources available on its pages so you do not have to struggle through the process.
  • Check out the collegiate online writing sites. Your college should not only have a working database of big writing projects, but it should also have a useful online writing tool that all students and possibly even the general public can use for free. These sites usually include complete samples of every type of paper, so you might be able to find a dissertation on a business-related topic that is similar to your project idea. These papers are usually written by professors or students majoring in writing so the samples are usually outstanding.
  • Visit tutorial sites on legitimate websites. Every time you decide to look around for an example for a major project, you should always evaluate the validity of the site. There are plenty of sites that steal information from other companies so they can make a quick buck. In order to avoid being accused of copying, website writers will change the order of words in the sentence or rewrite a piece from scratch. High quality tutorial sites will not only include excellent examples, but they often include video tutorials or step-by-step lessons that you can use to complete a lengthy project like your dissertation.

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