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Accounting dissertation topics for undergraduate college students

Of all the fields to major in, Accounting is a weird field a lot of the time because of the line; it straddles between the hard sciences and the business side of things. This is a complex issue to write essays about, and finding topics is difficult. The reasons for this are twofold. First, as opposed to politics or even humanities like literature, there is really a dearth of topics in the public imagination- few people outside the field read accounting essays for fun, after all. Accounting, as a specific, technical, and frankly mathematical field, is something that is very hard to be discussed with intelligently by nonprofessional unfamiliar with the subject. The second problem is well, accounting is a specific, technical, and mathematical field, so many of your arguments has to be based on data, which makes the paper research heave and technical.

But that all being said, there is no reason to give up hope

The thing that should be taking root in your headfirst is probably papers on taxes. Taxes are, as one of the two certainties in life, something that everyone has to deal with. Opinions on the law and merits of a lower and higher tax rate notwithstanding, many organizations actually more taxes than they need to. This is true of individual citizens as well. This is mostly something that comes from ignorance of the law- and finding one of these overpaying instances can lead to very fruitful essays, as many people would love to read about saving money.

From there, there is a lot that can be said for discussing particular financial markets. Commodities, stocks, markets, there are a lot of these that are floating around out there. Their purchase and sale drives our economy, but it is almost baffling how little people seem to know about them. This sort of thing raises many issues, and talking about them can fill an essay in short order.

If you want to write for the masses, consider talking about personal finance. As it turns out, many people spend and make money, so personal finance can be relevant to almost everyone. How can people save money? Should a person hire an accountant to do their taxes or just in general for financial advice? What are costs that people can cut down on? What is the best way to get out of debt? Answering questions like these is something that is sure to generate a fruitful essay.

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