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What Are The Main Dissertation Format Requirements To Be Followed

The format for your dissertation can vary from school to school but most of them have the same basic set up.  These are the parts of a basic dissertation but make sure you check with your school before you start yours, in case I let something out that is required at your school.

Dissertation Format

General Formatting: The general format for most dissertations is that the entire document is double-spaced, the font is twelve point or can be nine for captions or you can use larger font for headings but don’t go larger than twenty.  The kind of font can vary from school to school but most like Times New Roman, Courier, or Calibri.  The margins are usually one in on the top and bottom and then one and a half inch on the sides to allow for binding of the dissertation.  Preliminary pages should be numbered with Roman numerals and can be at the top or bottom depending on the school.

  • Title Page:  The first page is always your title page, sometimes it’s numbered but some schools don’t do that.  The title of your work should be in all caps.  Title pages vary so check with your school to see how to do yours.
  • Abstract:  The abstract gives a summary of what your dissertation is about and is numbered with a Roman numeral.
  • Copyright Page:  The copyright page is optional for most schools but if you register your work then you should include this page.
  • Dedication:  Also optional, but this is where you dedicate your dissertation to someone or a group of people.
  • Table Of Contents:  This tells the reader all the parts of your dissertation and what page number to find them on.
  • List Of Figures, Tables, And Abbreviations:  The next three pages show figures, tables, and abbreviations that might appear in your dissertation.
  • Acknowledgments:  This is where you acknowledge everyone that helped your write your dissertation.
  • Main Body:  Now your can start your numbers and not Roman numerals of your dissertation.  The main body is where you put all of your research that you did for your dissertation.
  • References And Citations:  After you have written your dissertation, now you have to list your references at the end.  Make sure you use the right format for these, usually APA, MLA, or Chicago.
  • Appendices:  This is where your list all of the material that you didn’t include in your dissertation but are important to your research of the subject.  This is sometimes not required so check before you make one.

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