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Creating a Graduation Thesis: Planning Your Time Wisely

A sound time management strategy is your key to success when it comes to writing a graduation thesis. If you use the hours you have properly, you won’t have to rush in the end. This will save you from making many mistakes, especially at the editing stage.

Here are some tips that will help you manage your thesis writing time wisely:

  • Be realistic.
  • It’s imperative that you understand how much time you actually have to finish the paper. Unlike what people believe, they rarely have a full calendar year to work on the project.

    Usually, you will have one academic year to finish the paper. This means that you will have about eight or nine months at best. You must also make an allowance for the time that you may lose because of being sick or otherwise unable to work on the thesis. Estimate how much time you have exactly and plan your work based on this number of hours.

  • Work every day.
  • The sooner you start your research,the better. The first thing you should do is creating a detailed outline for the whole paper. When you have it on hand, you will be able to determine how many days you will need to complete every separate part of the paper.

    Develop a habit of working on the dissertation every day. To make it easier on the mind, you can work a few hours in the morning and several in the evening.

    Do everything within your power to stick to the schedule you have.

  • Use every opportunity to work.
  • If you have a 30 minute break between classes with nothing to occupy your time, you should use it to work on the dissertation. Write a detailed weekly schedule of your activities. This will allow you to see how much free time you actually have to dedicate to writing the thesis.

    Mind your health and make sure you get enough sleep. If you overwork yourself, the quality of your writing will fall drastically.

  • Prioritize the tasks you have.
  • Once you have a thesis outline on hand, you will need to prioritize the points in order to determine where you should start. Put forward the most difficult and time-consuming tasks. The sooner you finish them, the more time you will have to complete the rest of the paper and edit it to perfection.

  • Develop contingency plans.
  • You may not be able to predict the future, but you should plan for every eventuality you can think of. In this case, if some emergency occurs, you will have a strategy in place to deal with it in the most efficient manner.

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