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Tips That Will Help You Craft Easy Dissertation Topics

When you are writing a long and time consuming project it is best to be accountable to someone. The same way you want a friend to keep you accountable during a diet or a resolution, you should find someone to help hold you accountable to your project. This is especially true if your project lacks external deadlines. Without external deadlines, you won’t have the same pressure to finish the project as something that is due in a matter of days. For larger research papers, there are no deadlines throughout the writing process, one for each milestone or chapter or section. No one is standing over you and giving you a strict deadline. While this seems better in the long run, it is not nearly as liberating as you might think. In fact, for some students, not having someone breathing down their neck halts their productivity or slows it down significantly. That is why it is important to take matters into your own hands and not only create a personalized work schedule but have someone to hold you accountable to that schedule.

But first you need to create a schedule.

  • Start by looking at a calendar and marking the due date for the final piece
  • Work backward from there to see how many days you have of writing and research time
  • Set up milestones for each aspect of your paper. If you have four sections to cover, set aside one or two weeks per section.
  • Then break down each section you have into smaller step-by-step lists of things you need to do.
  • Calculate from your step by step list how much time you will need to set aside for each milestone.
  • Divide the amount of time by the number of days you have and then associate a particular milestone for each day
  • Leave extra time in there for holidays or missed days

As soon as you create your project list, and you plan all of the different things you need to do and break them down into feasible milestones, share that list with someone else. Ask a close friend if you can provide them with a copy of your work and have them hold you accountable. They might stop by randomly to ensure you have finished your milestones for the day, or check in every week. Ask a close friend, colleague, family member, fellow grad, or writing partner to help you.

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