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How To Avoid Fraud Using Dissertation Writing Help Online

More and more doctoral students are turning to online dissertation help for a number of reasons. How to avoid fraud when using an online service partially depends on what kind of help you are looking for.

Ghost Writing

The biggest risk for fraud in online dissertation help is with ghost writing services. This is also the most risky for students. With ghost writing the student pays someone else to write, and in some cases research their paper for them. While this may work out fine for a lower level class, at the doctoral level, the chances of finding a ghost writer with a comprehensive enough knowledge of the subject are slim. And, because most doctoral program include a process of defending the dissertation in front of a committee of experts, the student must have a more complete knowledge than is included in the paper itself.

When using a ghost writing service, there are a number of things you can do to avoid fraud:

  1. Don’t pay upfront. This goes for every online service, but is particularly important with writing services where the quality of the final product is as important as whether it gets done or not.
  2. Run the paper through a plagiarism checking website. Your professors will likely be doing the same, so you want to catch and copy and pasting before they do.
  3. Read through the product very carefully, making changes and editing as you go. While this won’t necessarily help you avoid fraud, if you paid for a high quality paper and got a poor one, but it will help ensure that you don’t suffer academically as well as financially for it.

Copy Editing

More common than ghost writing, is the use of copy editing for dissertations. Many students prefer this, because they only need to find an expert at copy-editing and not in their field of study to get a top quality product. All of the tips listed above also apply for copy editing services. In addition, when employing a copy editor you should be clear about what kind of service you expect from them—should they just be reading for errors and typos, or should they be changing phrasing and even organization. The fraud risk with copy editing is that you can pay someone a significant amount, and they may only make a few small changes to the dissertation.

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