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Creative Dissertation Topics Related To Organizational Leadership

The very last major assignment that you will be expected to complete towards earning your degree is usually known as a dissertation. If it is done exceptionally well and you are a good student, you may be able to graduate with honors and have your pick of jobs at the end of the process. If it is done poorly, you may need to start all over again and keep doing it over until you reach at least a satisfactory level of quality according to your supervisory committee. Half of the battle comes down to picking the right topic but the following tips can help you be more creative in this as well:

  • Read up on older papers
  • Some of these may have topics that you can revise to come up with a much better project than the original author.

  • Discuss your ideas with others
  • This can help you by providing a second opinion. Often we think we have great ideas but are wrong.

  • Start on time
  • Waiting for the last minute makes you pick lesser ideas than you would have otherwise.

With all of the above in mind you might be able to start brainstorming a topic or two that resembles those we have listed for you below:

  1. How has the proliferation of online companies and freelance workers altered the traditional org chart?

  2. Are CEOs, CFOs and other upper level managers still necessary?

  3. How can the rate of innovation in Third World countries be sped up by the adoption of flatter company structure?

  4. How can the leaders of companies restructure their operations to be less vulnerable to cyber attacks?

  5. The world after work: How can leaders marshal the resources of a creative workforce that is unmotivated by monetary rewards?

  6. Should leaders speak the same language as the majority of the workers they direct?

  7. Can better companies come from children being taught how to be in charge from preschool onward?

  8. What have twin studies taught us about nature, nurture and the ability to lead?

  9. How much of our ability to be Alpha workers can be learned from wolf packs?

  10. Can music be employed to make employees more easily led?

As with any field, there will be changes as the concepts of right, wrong and normal evolve over time. Countless examples over the history of mankind will attest to this. Your dissertation need not be timeless, it is fair to settle for it being current.

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