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Dissertation writing grants: how to be number one

Any student seeking to obtain a dissertation writing grant needs to think carefully about their approach. There are certain things to do which will greatly improve your chances. No guarantee of course but by following these recommendations you give yourself a better if not the best possible chance of winning that dissertation writing grant.

The thing to bear in mind is that obtaining this particular type of grant is a highly competitive activity. There are far more students making application than there are grants available. Nobody said it would be easy but you have got to be in it to win it. Here are some practical tips to make yourself number one in the world of dissertation writing grants.

Apply to your educational institution. There are a number of points why this is a good thing to do. Firstly the people making the decision may know you or know all of you and a familiar face is definitely a head start. The amount of money may not be as great as you might get elsewhere but it will be a grant. Having already studied at this particular college means you have the inside running when it comes to making your application. Make your application as relevant to the institution as possible.

Seek out philanthropic foundations. The ideal organization to approach would be one which would be directly impacted by the topic of your dissertation. If you can find a foundation which promotes or works towards goals which are described in your dissertation, you give yourself a better than even chance of winning a grant. Couch your application according to the goals and aspirations of the foundation.

Governments give grants as well. It is in your best interest to look for any and every source of income to make sure your dissertation writing grant comes true. Governments at different levels will from time to time offer funding for approved projects. Find out if there is any type of government funding which would suit your grant. Find out the best way to make application.

Just as you would be advised to proofread, edit and polish any writing activity you would make as a student, so too you must do the same when making a dissertation writing grant applications. Read and reread your application. Obviously you want it to be free of any spelling and grammatical errors. But again ask yourself the question “Is this the best possible application suited to the funding authority?”

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