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What to do if you cannot come up with good history dissertation topics

To achieve your Doctorate of philosophy degree, you need to write a dissertation which is a form of essay, also known as thesis. A dissertation needs to have a proper argument placed accurately. But, what if you are unable to come up with an excellent history dissertation topic? This is a common occurrence with most of the candidates. In this article, you will find a few guiding tips and topic suggestions that can help you find your suitable history dissertation topic.

Finding a Topic

When you are stuck with your history dissertation topic selection, you can find the appropriate topic by following the steps:

  • Write down all the areas of your interest in History
  • Draw up a short list of topics based on your areas of interest
  • Go to the library and find out how much has been written on the topics
  • Ask the librarian for assistance to help find articles and dissertations written on topics similar to your list
  • Read journals, articles, papers to raise issues on the topics
  • Strike up a comparison between the findings on a particular topic

Narrowing Down the Topic

The following steps will assist you in refining the topics and cup with the one, which is the best history dissertation topic to write on-

  • Classify a broad area of study
  • Refine to come up with a specific are of interest
  • Decide on the purpose to develop the theory while monitoring the practice and evaluating it with thorough understanding about the practical outcomes
  • Basic questions such as who, when, why, how, where, can narrow down to a particular topic
  • The questions need to be refined to define an exact focus
  • To reflect the purpose of the dissertation positive terms need to be used in the title, it needs to be assessed after examining it from various measures and surveys.

5 History Dissertation Topic Suggestions

  • European Colonization of Africa
  • An effect of municipal functioning: working-class housing conditions in the West Midlands 1840 - 1926.
  • In the early years of Elizabeth I's reign, how safe was English Protestantism?
  • The changing tastes and roles within French formal gardening in the 17th and 18th centuries
  • In the period 1700 – 1801, how important was migration to the development and growth of urban centers?

Follow the guidelines and prepare a good dissertation history paper.

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