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Dissertation Paper Writing: What are the Main Pitfalls

If you have no previous experience in writing research papers and dissertations, you might find yourself fairly overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done from scratch. It could be a good idea to find out about the biggest, most common mistakes that people make when writing dissertations to be able to avoid them all and save valuable time and effort for good work. This list is intended to help students and scholars devise a smarter, more efficient approach towards writing a dissertation.

Bad planning, failing to meet the deadline

If you don’t devise a good schedule, or if you don’t follow it, you will be likely to miss the deadline. The biggest mistake in writing a dissertation is failing to present it. Consult with your mentor on time management, they will know what to tell you. But make sure to reserve a considerable amount of extra time for emergencies and unexpected problems. Always follow your schedule and don’t leave everything for the last moment – it might not turn out well.

Insufficient research

A research paper is only as good as the research. If you don’t gather enough crucial information and relevant data, you will digress a lot and talk about unimportant details or completely off topic, failing to deliver the required results almost entirely. Follow your schedule and conduct the research thoroughly, find as many sources as you can, but choose only the best ones.

Sloppy formatting

There are standards for dissertation papers, which should be followed closely, or your mentor will point out the problem after the work is submitted and you will have to make a lot of corrections, wasting your time. Polish the work straight away, note all your mentor’s instructions and follow the appointed guidelines and you will have one big problem less.

Small amounts of sources or citations

An author achieves credibility for the paper through citing other published researchers and providing sufficient evidence for the arguments presented. If citations are absent, or the list of references looks too short, your dissertation will raise doubts regarding its reliability as a scientific work. Science moves forward with facts and evidence, not assumptions and speculation. The paper will simply be useless if you don’t show your reader where you have gathered the information you are giving them, or what grounds you are making the statements upon. Provide relevant citations and sources to all external information you present.

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