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The Dissertation Marks The Transition From Student To Scholar

When the time comes for a student to write their final dissertation or thesis for it can be both exciting and intimidating, after all the dissertation marks the transition from student to scholar, an accomplishment that every student should be proud of. However, many students struggle with this final landmark assignment. After all completing this one last long-form writing project isn't exactly a "walk-in-the-park" there is a lot of emphasis placed on the final dissertation, and the pressure to complete it on time can be overwhelming.

The stakes are pretty high when you write your dissertation paper because unlike other written assignments it is graded pass or fail by the faculty of your chosen area of study. They will vote based on your evaluation whether or not to accept you into their scholarly circle.

Don't Panic About Your Dissertation

Keep calm, write on. Is our advice to aspiring dissertation writing students who are struggling to tackle this major writing assignment. The best you can do is tackle your paper one day at a time. Instead of getting stressed about it take some time to evaluate your priorities and recognize how far you have come. After all, it has all led up to this; you wouldn't of put in so many hard years of studying just to fail at this point. Focus, avoid procrastination and just complete a little at a time. If it helps tackle the project like a series of small projects and write it in pieces that can be put together later. Think of a clever way to help you get through the process and when it is all over reward yourself for a job well done.

Celebrate Your Accomplishment

Not a lot of people stay in school long enough to get to the point of completing a thesis or dissertation, so by just getting to this point you've really accomplished something. Never forget that it was your dedication and capabilities that have gotten you this far, and the knowledge you have learnt thus far should help you succeed. After all the entire point of writing a dissertation is to summarize everything you have learnt as a student into one final scholarly project. When you think of it this way you have already succeeded you just need to find an intellectual way to articulate things that you have learnt so you can impress the faculty. If you have passed your classes, studied and worked this hard so far- the dissertation should be easy!

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