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Writing your dissertation in fifteen minutes a day - planning makes perfect

It is often said that the three best characteristics in the sale of any real estate are location, location and location. The same can be said in writing any form of essay and particularly a longer essay such as a dissertation where the three best characteristics are planning, planning and planning. The better your planning and your preparation, the easier and better will be your writing.

Now anyone who is undertaking a dissertation will know that it takes a considerable amount of time to produce the finished product. It's not only difficult because of the size of the document but also because of the need for it to be well done. Put it another way, anybody can write a dissertation in next to no time. It takes a considerable amount of expertise and effort to produce a dissertation which gets a very high score.

Planning is the key

Anyone who is keen to start writing a dissertation would do well to hasten slowly. It really is a case of the more time and effort you put into planning the quicker you will write your dissertation. Many students look at the size of the material and the time they have in which to complete it and are tempted to start writing as soon as possible. This is never correct.

So not only is planning vital to the success of the writing your dissertation you also need to plan your planning. You can divide your planning into two basic areas. First there is the overall plan, your outline and second there is your daily attention to planning. In this second aspect of planning you spend a few minutes every day revising the situation. Are you on track? Have you reached your latest milestone? Are you keeping up with the timetable?

Let's look at our first or overall plan. This is the outline of your dissertation. This is the architectural drawing for the house you are to build. You will include the topic, the thesis statement, the main point in each body paragraph and so on. You will create this plan or outline having spent considerable time reading relevant research material. Only when you are satisfied with the detail and that the structure of your plan would you actually commence writing the first draft.

But when you work through the writing of your dissertation, you will take time each day to examine your situation. This is a review of your plan. It can involve making short term goals such as today you will write the 500 words or whatever. If you have a first-class overall plan and if you spend 15 minutes a day reviewing your current situation in light of that overall plan you give yourself every chance of producing a quality dissertation on time.

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