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10 Strong Dissertation Topics In Information Technology Management

Information Technology (IT) no doubt refers to use of computers and telecommunications equipment to manipulate, store, retrieve and transmit data. The importance of IT can never be underestimated considering that it is applicable in all industries. Pursuing a course or degree in IT therefore creates the possibility that you may at one point in your career become an IT manager, which makes it necessary to study IT management.

Working as an IT manager simply means being responsible and accountable for programs related to IT as a service. This is why your study of IT management is designed to equip you with the necessary skills that make it possible for you to effectively manage planning, design, selection, implementation, use and administration of IT systems. Part of your study requires that you write a dissertation on a topic in IT to show how well you are prepared to work as an IT manager. Below are 10 strong dissertation topics in Information Technology Management that you need to explore.

  1. Advertising through Cell Phone Networks: Is it a Successful Marketing Strategy or a Mere Waste of Time and Resources?
  2. An Investigation of Factors that Affect Users’ Level of Trust in E-Commerce Applications
  3. Assessing E-Government Systems in Developing Countries: An Analysis of Various Government Agency Websites
  4. The Impact of Media Technology on Mental Child Development: A Study of Primary School-going Children in Developing Countries
  5. The Impact of Media Technology on Physical Development of Teenagers” A Study of Teenagers in Developed and Developing Countries
  6. A Critical Overview of Design Patterns Used in Developing Multi Agent Systems
  7. Membership Card Generation Systems: Design and Implementation of Membership Cards for Use in Store Outlets Using Clustering, Optimization and Anomaly Detection Techniques.
  8. The Impact of Business Stimulation Tools on Tertiary Business School Students
  9. Assessing the impact of IT in Implementing Management Control Systems in SMEs
  10. IT Communication: Its Influence on People, Processes and Business Strategies

These are no doubt very strong dissertation topics in IT Management that you need to explore when planning to write your dissertation. It is very important to point out that IT is a rapidly-changing field and new technologies are made available almost everyday. You therefore need to remain up-to-date with the latest developments in the area of IT in order to write a winning dissertation. Quality research and extensive reading are mandatory.

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