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Doctoral Dissertation Writing: 10 Points To Consider

When you are tasked with writing the doctoral dissertation, you should note that it is quite a big requirement and it takes a great deal of time and effort. Below you will find 10 points to consider with your doctoral writing:

  1. Set up a schedule from the moment you receive the task so that you can designate a certain amount of work each day.
  2. Work regularly. You should be writing or researching each day. If you have a calendar, you can mark down what you need to accomplish each day.
  3. Give yourself some leeway, such as overshooting a milestone one day and writing 2000 words more than you needed because you were “in the zone”. This will come in handy later on when you find one day your schedule does not allow for any work on your dissertation. Then you do not have to worry because you already got extra writing in earlier.
  4. Have an accountability partner. Let someone know your schedule or the milestones you want to keep, such as a close friend or family member. Have them check in on your progress every so often to help keep you accountable. If you do not know it is coming, you will want to stay on task all the time.
  5. Make sure to reward yourself after each milestone. It can be quite difficult to keep yourself motivated even if you truly love your topic. This is where having some form of reward system is beneficial. Your rewards system should be unique to you. You should set something up such as a bowl of your favorite ice cream or a viewing of your favorite television show after you meet a particular milestone.
  6. Take breaks regularly. After 45 minutes circulation begins to slow down so it is important that you take a break to help speed up circulation to your body and your brain. This will improve your focus.
  7. Have something you can do each day. Just because your brain is fried one day and you cannot complete creative writing does not mean that the day should be wasted. Use the day to work on references or an otherwise mundane task.
  8. Don’t forget to take breaks.
  9. Keep water on hand when you work. If you are dehydrated it leeches energy from your mind.
  10. Take care of yourself. Eat healthy snacks and get sleep.

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