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How To Write A Dissertation: An Effective Guide For Beginners

When it comes to writing a dissertation there are various things to bear in mind. As quite a substantial essay, you will need to set aside plenty of time to get the work done. In order to give you an idea of what you will need to do, the following gives a brief guide for beginners.

Choose a topic for the paper

Before you can start anything, you need to choose a topic for your paper. You may wish to use brainstorming techniques in order to help you to think of a good title to use or, alternatively, you may also wish to look at past papers in order to see what other people have written about for dissertations in the past.

Identify which sections need to be included and make a plan

Once you have an idea of what topic or title you’re going to base your dissertation on, you need to identify which sections will need to be included within the paper. Furthermore, once you decide upon which sections you will include, you need to draw up a plan so as to have a better understanding of what each section will discuss.

Equally, as part of your planning, you should try and organise your time so that you know when you will do the research and when you will do the writing, as well as being detailed in terms of what sections you will write and when.

Choose which research methods to use

As part of your dissertation you will almost certainly have to carry out detailed research on the subject that you are writing about. As a result, you will need to decide which research methods you may wish to use. The research methods that you use will very much depend upon the title of the essay, as well as the overall subject you’re studying. For example, if you’re studying one of the social sciences then you may include interviews and questionnaires as part of your research; whereas, if you’re studying a physical science topic, you may carry out various experiments.

Writing the work

When it comes to writing the work, as long as you planned it effectively, and carried out detailed research, then it should become significantly easier. Nevertheless, it can still be worth checking past papers in order to give you an idea of how to structure and format the work - and be sure to follow any specific guidelines you have been given.

Checking the work

Finally, you will need to check the work before it is handed in. This will require you to thoroughly proofread and edit the work. In fact, if you are in any way unsure of your capabilities to check the work to a high enough standard then you may wish to pay a professional proofreader or editor to do it for you.

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