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How To Select A Catchy Title For A Doctoral Thesis

You will always see advice which tells you that the title of your writing assignment is important and this is definitely very good advice. But never has that advice been more appropriate when it comes to the title of a doctoral thesis. Not only is this thesis a major undertaking in your academic career, it is also something which is likely to go into the public domain. Whether you like or not, your work will most likely be made available for others to study. In fact, information in your thesis could help other thesis writers in the future.

There is every chance that your doctoral thesis will be published. Once upon a time a publication of this nature and length would have been restricted to a hard copy and perhaps placed in the library of the college you attended and this is often still the case. But with the digital revolution, the chances are strong that people will be able to access your thesis online. This increases the importance of the title of your doctoral thesis. It’s the title which will make your thesis easier to find.

Interesting and informative

It is always important to have an interesting title. By interesting we mean eye-catching, attention grabbing and something which stands out from the crowd. So think very carefully about the exact wording of your title working towards making it as catchy as possible. There are many people who advise that you spend a great deal of time in devising your thesis title. You could come up with a variety of titles and show them to a variety of people seeking their reaction.

Then of course your title must be informative. Simply by reading the title of your thesis, the reader should gain a good idea of exactly what it is about. And one of the best ways to do that is to have two parts to your title.

  • a main title
  • a sub title

The main title is, as the name implies, the overall, overriding description of what your thesis is about. Keeping it shorter is always good. But you may not be able to fully describe the ground you cover in your doctoral thesis in just your main title, hence the opportunity to use a second or subtitle. Here you can go into greater detail and add information which supports the main title.

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