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Brainstorming New Dissertation Topic Ideas

You are majoring in a subject that is wide ranging. You are aiming to get a doctorate in a topic that many have attempted before, and mastered. You are ready to become a professional in your desired field of study. However, to accomplish your goals you need to present a dissertation. In order to select a unique topic, you need to brainstorm for new ideas. There are some straightforward was to get to your desired result.

Be positive

What is it you hope to accomplish? This is crucial. Do not approach the problem from the negative; instead put a positive spin on the conundrum. As you struggle to select a topic for your dissertation, do not concentrate on topics that are not interesting, you feel you cannot accomplish, or seem to be too difficult of a challenge. Focus instead on the possibilities of all topics. You have spent years working towards this point, be confident in your abilities to tackle any and all subject matters within your field of study.

Do your research

Your subject matter may be overwhelmingly vast, but it is not an unconquerable problem. You need to look at the topics in your chosen field that sparked an interest in you when you first started on your academic career. You can research all topics about your major, looking back at the various courses you took as a student. If you are doing a dissertation in American History, do your research on the entire scope of the subject. As you review your course of study, ideas will present themselves to you. Make a note of them, and consider each one for potential topics.

Do not have limitations

The worst thing you can do when brainstorming is place limitations on the process. You should consider all ideas, no matter how strange they may seem at the time. Every detail should be weighed and considered, taking notes about all avenues of exploration in your field of study.

Do not do it alone

Brainstorming is always best done in a group where people can bounce ideas off of each other. You are given an academic advisor for a reason, to guide you on your path to success. You must use all available resources, including fellow students who are struggling with the same emotions. This is the most important stage in your academic and professional life; do not fail to look at every possible alternative. That means speaking with others, including those not in your field of study.

Most importantly, do not panic. You have the ability to accomplish your goals, or you would not be in this position.

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