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Basic Dissertation Writing Prompts For Dummies

All kinds of writers use writing prompts. They are extremely useful even for dissertations. The challenge lies not in using the prompts but in deciding which are going to be the best for you. This article contains some good information that will give you a framework on which to start.

Have you used prompts before?

If you’ve tried using prompts before, maybe you could use the ones that worked before. That would be the easiest route to go with. However because this is a dissertation you may need to ramp it up a level. Your prompts must be in the topic you’ve chosen to write about and they must match the scholarly level of your paper.

Look at other people’s work

Reading other peoples’ dissertations and possibly even discovering what prompts they used will certainly give you a good footing to start out on. Many universities regularly publish examples for other students to look at. Of course you wouldn’t use the exact same idea as someone else because your thesis needs to be unique and original.

You can create your own writing prompts

If you are finding it challenging to locate your own writing prompts online, you might want to consider writing your own. It’s not as tricky as you may think. All you need is some sources of ideas. Ideas can be collected from various places such as:

  • Other peoples’ conversations
  • Signs or billboard signs
  • Books you can browse at the university library or public library
  • Newspaper headlines
  • Online international news articles
  • The taglines of movies
  • Your school textbooks
  • Magazines and periodicals

Sometimes a phrase or word you stumble upon in your everyday dealings may capture your interest. It could be something you heard on the radio or an article you saw on the internet. Start writing these down to look at later. They may be the start of a really great topic idea. From there, you can formulate a list of prompts by asking a series of questions. This series of questions can be built upon the – who, what, when, where, why and how.

Look for comparisons and contrasts and work those into your prompts. Look for ways your topic idea influences something else. Search for clues on the consequences of your topic ideas. All of these provide a starting point for a list of prompts. This is really the simplest way to generate a series of basic writing prompts for the beginner.

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