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You Should Avoid Common Phd Dissertation Topics

Common dissertation topics may actually pose more of an issue for you than you think. In some cases you may not be able to find something different or new to present. Other times it may not be worth the effort to write about something that has already been written. There may not be a form of mystery or curiosity that many original topics would bring. This is an opportunity to present something to make people think or present a possible solution to a significant problem. There are other reasons to consider in why you should avoid common PhD dissertation topics.

You May Not Learn Anything New

Sometimes with common topics you may not be encouraged or motivated to find something different to present. You may find that other projects similar to the topic present the same information. It helps to make an effort to come up with something original so you don’t lose interest in the project. While choosing a common topic may help you get started researching and writing easier, it may not give you the advantage you need to get it done according to guidelines set for the project.

Choosing a common topic may not be as interesting if others are working on the same thing. A common topic may have information people are familiar with or something previous students have written about most often. Thus, this makes the topic common and your instructor may not be enthused with your content if you end up presenting the same thing over again.

Lack of Challenge

When you write a dissertation one of the most important elements includes showing understanding of the topic and presenting new ideas and concepts. Common topics may be easier to show understanding of when it has been written so many times, but showing something new may not be as easy. Original topics, that are innovative and unique, present opportunities for growth and new solutions.

Writing a dissertation based on your field of study should show personal growth in what you have learned, but also going beyond to show something different but useful. Your project may be based on work that has been done in the past, but it should not be a duplicate of written concepts that are paraphrased. Your audience may expect something different and your instructor may have higher expectations for interesting and new content.

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