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You Can Write Your Dissertation In a Month

How Long Does a Dissertation Usually Take?

For most graduate students, the dissertation is a massive undertaking that requires many months. Including the dissertation proposal, most dissertations take one and a half years to complete and pass, though many take far longer. If you’re in a hurry to graduate and get on with your career, this might strike you as an unacceptably long period. No matter how complex a dissertation is, spending nearly two years on a single paper is fairly ridiculous.

If you are working on your dissertation or are thinking about pursuing a PhD, do not let these descriptive statistics scare you, however. It is possible to complete a dissertation ahead of schedule and graduate on time. With the proper planning, a supportive adviser, and a great deal of focused effort, you can finish your PhD dissertation in just one month. Here’s how.

Plan It Out

You should conduct your research and have it well organized before you undertake writing your dissertation. Have a concrete timeline for your progress, and meet your goals no matter how difficult they may be. Try to amass your research and analyze your data over the summer semester, or during academic breaks when you do not have much other work on your plate. Pre-write your dissertation so you have a strong outline that you can follow as you write the paper; this will save massive quantities of time that would have otherwise been spent rambling and editing unfocused drafts.

Work Smart

Make sure to work smart while you work hard, by reusing aspects of your dissertation proposal in your final draft. You should copy the title, abstract, introduction, materials, methods, and hypotheses sections from your proposal and reuse them in your final dissertation. This will cut your writing work in half. Reuse all your citations and copy your reference page to the end of your paper, adding any new sources as necessary. If you had a proposed statistical treatment section in your dissertation proposal, file it instead as an appendix at the end of the paper. If you order your dissertation this way, all you’ll have to write are the results and discussion sections, which should only take a few weeks.

Work Hard

Paste the redundant sections from your proposal, create a rough outline, and get working. Write every single day, focusing first on simply describing the results and creating tables and figures for your data. After you have completed this section, analyze your results more theoretically in a brief discussion section. If you work two hours each day, you can be done with these two chapters in one month.

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