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Creating amazing film dissertation topics

If you are looking for film dissertation topics then look no further. You can write about:

  • How crime fiction has been portrayed in French media
  • How published books have been converted into cinema
  • How Latin American cinema during the 21st century has shown teenager characters
  • How moral reform took place in American cinema during the 1930’s thanks to Joseph Breen and the Production Code Administration
  • The popularity of biographical films in contemporary cinema
  • The role that propaganda played between 1917 and 1953 in Soviet cinema
  • The role that humor plays in modern Jewish films about Passover

When you are working on your dissertation you need to first set up milestones.

  1. Get a calendar. Use the calendar to mark the final due date and from there work backward in listing the different due dates. If you do not have any due dates aside from a dissertation proposal submission and a final submission then you are in charge of making your own. Remember to break down your large task into something smaller and more manageable. Perhaps one chapter per week is unreasonable but one chapter notes or chapter draft per week is not. Work with your advisor and set up periods of review for each chapter. If you aim to complete a chapter by Friday you can then submit it to your advisor giving them the weekend to review. Then you might meet with them the following week on Tuesday or Wednesday to discuss the chapter and get notes. This gives you some time to review the chapter while moving forward with the next.
  2. Once you have a calendar it is important to incorporate some rest days or a week dedicated to catching up. You will be very grateful for this when the time comes. Throughout the course of your work there will be personal and professional emergencies or weeks that you just fall behind ever so slightly. The worse thing that can happen is that you fall behind and start skipping deadlines repeatedly. But by incorporating a catch up week this won’t happen. You can use the catch up week to get back on track without missing any more deadlines.
  3. When you complete each of your milestones no matter how small they are be sure to reward yourself. Take a break to read your favorite book or go out for coffee with a friend. Use these rewards to keep your motivation high.

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