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Elaborate Guide on how to Write a Dissertation Introduction

For a dissertation, the Introduction may and likely will be the most rewritten part of the work. This is because the dissertation will take many unplanned turns and twists along the way. This is natural, due to the nature and purpose of the introduction. Remember, part of the purpose of the introduction, is to outline the work, as well as introduces it to the reader. So always be ready to rewrite this one chapter, more often than any other part.

  1. Catch Paragraph
  2. Introduce the Problem
  3. Point of View
  4. Background
  5. Outline

Catch Paragraph

Normally in an essay, one would start with a Catch Line, but with the size of a Dissertation, start it with a catch Paragraph. The reason behind this, is that with an essay, all parts of an introduction are measured by the limiting lines in the introduction. In a Dissertation, the introduction is a chapter. Devote this to making the reader what to learn why that paragraph was worth being put there. Use the same formulas as with a catch line, but expand it into a paragraph.

Introduce the Problem

The next paragraph should state and define the problem. If it takes more, then it takes more. Explain why the problem is important, and why it needs addressed. Show relations, and consequences this topic can cause, or does cause, whichever is prevalent.

Point of View

This is just like in an essay, but it needs to be a paragraph, or more. Here the student will show why this made them interested in this subject. Show how the student’s point of view looks at the importance of the topic. This can be because of their religious views, political views, or social group views.


If your school wants the introduction and background, combined, this is the best place to put it. If they do not want a separate chapter, or to combine them, drop the Background.


Just like in an essay, outline the dissertation. The last part of the introduction should be the outline. This is the part of the introduction the student will have to revise the most. So be ready for this. Give a brief coverage on what the reader will find in the dissertation, just as in the ending of the introduction of an essay. Just remember the dissertation is basically an essay on steroids.

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