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A List Of Popular Topics For A Thesis Paper You Should Never Use

When you write your thesis there are only a few popular topics that you should never use.

  1. You should never use a topic that does not relate to your field. If you are studying molecular biology you do not want to write about the geopolitical impact of oil in Azerbaijan.
  2. You should never use a topic that is too broad. Do not write a thesis called “influence of slavery in America”. This is far too broad to ever be covered in a single thesis. You need to narrow it down. But on that note...
  3. You should never use a topic that is too narrow. You have a set number of pages you need to cover and if you pick a topic for your thesis that is too narrow you might not be able to cover it in your page requirements and you will be left with half of your pages blank and nowhere else to go.

That being said it is important that you use your advisor if you have one assigned to you. For a thesis you should be given an advisor or professor who can work with you to help approve your thesis topic. They are an invaluable resource and should be treated as one. Take advantage of any opportunity they give to help you. Work with them once you decide on your topic and see what notes they have to give.

When you draft your thesis proposal your advisor will review the content and let you know whether your topic has been approved or not. If it was not approved that is because the content that you provided was not adequate or sufficient to meet the requirements of your thesis. Perhaps the topic was not on alignment with your subject. Perhaps you picked a subject that was too narrow and you failed to present enough evidence to support the idea that adequate research could be done on the topic. In any case your advisor is there to help and they will ensure you get started on the right foot.

Once they have approved your proposal it is time to start your research and to draft your outline. The outline should help you through all of your paper and once it is carefully crafted the final writing of your thesis should be simple; you only need to follow the points made in the outline.

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