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8 Productive Tips For Those Who Write A Doctoral Dissertation

  1. Decide on when to begin
  2. This is a very important point and I have therefore placed it at the top for several reasons. Most writers do not really know when they should start working on their dissertations. This lands them in hot soup once they fail to submit in time. So, it’s very important to first decide on this one. Use this technique; set a date that you want to begin working.

  3. Decide when to finish
  4. Decode the day and date clearly with which you want to have the paper completed and done well. The schedule should however not be in any way inconveniencing. Ideally, you should set a three months deadline for your dissertation paper. If you fail to plan, you will have planned to fail.

  5. Set mid-deadlines for your chapters
  6. Doing this should be easy. You should begin by having a rough idea on the kind of content that you would prefer organized in chapters, titles and so on. Otherwise procrastination will get you starting the day after tomorrow.” You have to agree to your set dates with your mentor/supervisor.

  7. Set simple targets to be done everyday
  8. You should aim in doing at least 500 minimum words every day. It may sound not too much, but at the end of the day it means a lot to your dissertation. In this manner, you will have reduced the amount of work that would instead pile up. This lets you lower the pressure and lets you have the time enough to work and tackle your assignments effectively.

  9. Create a comfortable, distraction free environment
  10. In case you have choices like working from home, it will be better. Working from home will mean fewer distractions when compared to an office. Ideally, working on a computer without an internet connection to avoid distractions is a good idea. If you can’t work without internet, switch off automatic email programs and notifications that may only be distractive.

  11. Turn your computer on only when you know what you are going to do
  12. Your computer should be turned on only when you are going to do something meaningful. Discovering this has save some of us…

  13. Check your emails only after you have done some good amount of work
  14. Emails can be very distracting and so when working, they are not necessary. It is currently the world’s most disruptive form of communication. I f you want to work and finish your in time, set this aside briefly.

  15. Work for sessions of 25 mins and get a break
  16. You may use a timer when working. Sittng for longer hours may exhaust your muscles and make it difficult to work, handle or even walk. During the break, make yourself a cup of tea, stretch your legs now and again and remember to avoid the internet for the short period.

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