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5 Ideas On How To Write A Perfect Phd Thesis

Writing your PhD demands a lot of time and effort from you. To make it a bit easier for you, we have put together 5 main tips that will help you to survive the most stressing time in your academic career.

  1. Structure your thesis properly.
  2. Each institution will give you different requirements on how it is correct to structure a thesis. Follow them carefully and be sure not to miss anything as this will influence the result severely. There are two basic ways of structuring your thesis. The first one is to get it in form of a several of journal articles. It is quite unusual, so it is better to check with your instructor if you can use it. The second, classical one is similar to a structure of a book with several chapters.

  3. Start your writing as early as possible.
  4. During your academic years you must have already faced the situation when you leave everything for later and do nothing till the last minute. This cannot become the situation with your dissertation. Write when your thoughts are still fresh, don't leave it for later. Leave enough time to revise the rough draft.

  5. Improve your writing skills.
  6. A dissertation will not be just your common college paper. Here you will have to show excellent writing quality and proficiency. To develop them, try something of the following:

    • read scientific literature and expand your vocabulary;
    • check your university for available writing courses;
    • submit parts of your paper as often as possible to your instructor.
  7. Keep track of your bibliography.
  8. When writing a dissertation, you will come across a significant number of sources, among which it is quite easy to get lost. Make sure to find your way to keep track of your bibliography. Note every single interesting thought you come across, specifying where you took it from. With hundreds of possible sources it is almost unreal to keep everything in your mind. Divide your sources into logical groups, mark them in colors or find your own most convenient way.

  9. Keep it plagiarism-free.
  10. Using others thoughts incorrectly or without proper citing can get you in a big trouble. Don't risk loosing several years of your life. If you borrowed an idea from somebody else, don't forget to give them the necessary credit for it. The good way out will be not to copy and paste anything directly, but to rephrase or reword it. This will save you if the instructor checks your paper with any kind of online software.

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